Company Potentials:
- Providing a venue for interviews for more than one company at the same time.
- Providing full secretarial services including e-mail, fax and communications.
- Providing means of transportation throughout Jordan when delegates are to perform the interviews.
- Direct contact with all official authorities to complete the transactions of the candidates as soon as possible to meet all the needed requirements needed for our customers and in the right time.
Research methods:
-Through the comprehensive electronic data base for the applicants, which includes the most professions required in the Gulf markets, it enables us to find suitable candidates for the vacant post in addition to the availability of the candidate.
- performing field trips in Saudi Arabia and Gulf states in order to acknowledge the need in both the Saudi and Gulf markets of Jordanian competencies, noted that we have specialties, consultants and delegates located in Saudi Arabia.
- Search for candidates with unique experiences and skills.
- Place advertisements in the official newspapers.
- Site seeking jobs.
- Cooperation with the various Jordanian unions.
- Provide delegates to verify the applications and potentials.