مطلوب اسعاف وطوارئ لكبرى الجهات الحكومية في السعودية     مطلوب لكبرى الجامعات للسنة ادراسية 2018-2019     Job opportunity in Saudi Aramco     


1-The company will ensure the workforce and trained manpower, qualified in all disciplines with the highest competencies, by sending candidates` CVs to the required position, via Email, Fax or courier.
2-The company provides CVs from the data available, and also through advertising and other methods necessary to provide the best talents.
3-complete all formalities required from the selected candidates until their arrival to their job place.
4-conduct initial interviews to select the most qualified candidates in the required position by qualified committees before the final interviews.
5- The company provides all procedures and services required for our agents like VIP services, which starts from the moment of the arrival of the agents until leaving the Kingdom.
6- The company provides all required services and facilities necessary to get the desired and complete comfort during the procedures of the interviews.